New Feature: Seasonal Schedules

Schedule changes to your hours ahead of time with seasonal schedules

We just launched a new feature in Easy Tee Golf that will allow golf courses to make seasonal schedule changes more easily.

Golf courses often change their hours depending on the season. For example, a course might open later and close earlier in the fall than in the summer, because of the later sunrise and earlier sunset.

In the past, if a course wanted to make these changes, they had to do it on the exact day they wanted to make the change. Now, with our new seasonal schedule feature, a course can create a new season and set the date when the season will take effect. On the start date of the new season, the tee sheet updates automatically, changing the available hours for booking.

Some golf courses, especially those in the northern states, also close for several months in the winter. With seasonal schedules, the course can schedule its closed season, just like any other seasonal change, making it easy to manage schedule changes.

We’re excited for this new feature and proud to offer additional scheduling flexibility to our customers!


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Posted on March 2, 2022