Product Update: Loyalty Programs

Your Square loyalty program now works with Easy Tee Golf

Today at Easy Tee Golf, we’re proud to announce that we have built a new integration with Square Loyalty Programs. With our new integration, golf courses using Easy Tee to manage their tee sheets can allow customers to accumulate loyalty points with every tee time booked using Easy Tee!

Loyalty programs have shown to drive increased business through repeat purchases. Square’s loyalty program allows your customers to sign up at checkout, accrue points with every purchase, and redeem points for rewards at your golf course.

Now that Easy Tee integrates with Square’s loyalty program, you can take advantage of all of its benefits and have online bookings automatically accrue loyalty points!

To get started, just go to your Square Connection settings in your Easy Tee Settings menu. Then select your loyalty program in the drop down and click the save button. That’s it! Your customers will get all of the benefits of your loyalty program automatically with every booking.

If you’re not using Easy Tee yet at your golf course, send us a note at to find out how you can try Easy Tee Golf free for 30 days.


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Posted on May 2, 2022